Support US

Todos Teatro currently receive no core funding and we rely on support in kind, ticket sales and the lovely venues we perform and run workshops in. 


We made Turtles Don’t Like Plastic on a shoestring budget. We’ve performed in theatres, bookshops, an old surf shop, cleaned southsea beach, made fish puppets with lots of children, collaborated with performers, musicians and puppet makers to entertain and hopefully also made audiences young and old rethink the plastic we are putting in our precious oceans and the impact of it on marine life. 


To be able to continue to tour our work and reach new young audiences we need your help. We have plans to tour the show nationally this summer and beyond but we can’t do that without your support. 


£10 pays for a packet of glue gun sticks for any quick repairs to puppets and costume 


£50 pays for our printing costs to promote our show with posters and flyers 


£100 pays for 2 performers and a technician’s transport to travel to an out of London venue 


£500 pays for a day of rehearsal with a musician to polish our soundtrack. We work with talented artists who deserve to be properly paid. 


Any donation big or small will be gratefully received. 

We’d like to thank the following orgnisations and individuals for their support of Todos Teatro 


Thank you to Daniel Mariño, Irene Summers, Lindsey Getty, Euan Borland, Xose Alvarez Rodriguez, Adam Hunt, Mark Foster, Sarah Davies, Simon Hilbourne